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The process

combine straw screen machine pellets

The process of pelleting dramatically increases product energy density, in the case of wheat straw from approximately 140 kg/m3 in bale form to 550 kg/m3 in pellet form.

Agri- Pellet production starts with the inputs being delivered to the processing plant.

The biomass is checked for moisture content and contamination before being loaded onto conveyors which take it through a process which grinds and drys the biomass to a uniform size and moisture content. From there it is conveyed into a buffer silo.

The biomass fiber is then taken from the buffer silo via a conditioning auger( where additives are added if required) at a controllable rate into the pellet press. There the biomass is forced through a die into pellets.

The pellets leave the press at high temperature into a cooler from where there are screened for quality and to remove fines before being stored or bagged prior to delivery.

The total energy, used in the processing of baled wheat straw or miscanthus into pellets, is approximately 1.5% of the energy value of the finished product, as opposed to 6.7% in the production of standard wood pellets.

As we collect our biomass resources locally and pelleted products have 3 times the density as well as a third more energy per kg than standard woodchip there overall carbon footprint is very favourable.

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