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Who we are

Agripellets is a Warwickshire based producer of biomass pellets derived from straw, miscanthus and other energy crops/by-product. Our customers range from commerical offices and green houses through to domestic households.

Set up in 2004 as a farm diversification, to process local agricultural crop by-products and energy crops into high quality pellets iIt has built and operates its own processing facility in the centre of England near Stratford on Avon and is within 30mins of Birmingham.

Agripellets can deliver a wide range of biomass pellets as well as a range of multi fuel biomass boilers.

Our products offer a locally produced, secure, sustainable, economic, energy supply and importantly, as they are primarily derived from agricultural crop by-products they do not affect food prices.

We feel our products can make a real contribution to combating climate change whilst offering the security of supply, cost effectiveness and quality a British produced product can deliver.

For further information please feel free to contact us.

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