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delivery and storage

We deliver pellets in a number of different ways depending on your needs. We can supply 15kg bags in quantities of 16, 33 or 66 bags.The minimum bulk order is 500kg. The delivery options are shown below but please phone if you are in any doubt about which is most suitable for you: Cost of delivery will vary with the method chosen and the distance from site.

15kg Bags - Bags come on pallets containing 16, 33 or 66 bags although we can offer trial boxs containing 2 bags. Pellets are delivered by 18t gross trucks with tail lift(similiar to rubbish truck), although 7.5t truck can be used if requested

500kg Bulk Bags. As with all delivery options you will need to have good access to enable the lorry to enter and unload. The pellets should be stored somewhere unventilated as they can absorb moisture, even air humidity. Consideration should also be given to the means of transporting the loose pellets to your boiler.

jumbo bag

Tip - This method is ideal for delivering directly to an underground or partially submerged fuel store. The pellets are delivered in bulk from a tipper trailer or walking floor lorry. Access should be clear of obstruction from ground level to above the highest point of the lorry to ensure the pellets arrive safely and in peak condition.


Blown - A pnematic tanker blows the pellets along a flexible hose directly into your pellet store. The maximum distance recommended from the store to the tanker is up to 25m (shorter if using a storage hopper)

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