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Agripellets produce a range of truly sustainable and carbon neutral biomass fuels, by processing agricultural residues such as straw, into convenient pellets for use in biomass boilers. We supply the domestic, commerical, industrial and utility markets.

As straw grows and is harvested each year, the carbon emitted when our straw pellets are burned is reabsorbed by the following years crop - hence making our fuels carbon neutral in 1 year. In comparison, when wood pellets are burned it takes atleast 20 years for the carbon emitted to be reabsorbed (as it takes 20 years to grow a tree)

In addition straw is harvested dry, unlike wood, so much less energy is required to process it into pellets. Finally straw is available locally throughout the UK as opposed to wood which has to be transported long distances to customers.

We take control of our virgin feedstocks from harvesting, processing at our own plant, to packing ensuring their carbon footprint is kept to a minimium.

Pelleted and briquetted products increase density, create stable, uniform, flow-able products which allow easy boiler modulating and are much cheaper to transport and store than loose products such as wood chip. Our products have a high calorific value and can be burned in appropriate pellet boilers or stoves as well as multi fuel log stoves using pellet baskets.

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