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straw fuel pellets

"a high density, convenient biomass fuel.."

straw pellets

CEN/TC 335 biomass pellet classification
Orgin (manufactured from local British wheat straw)
Amount of fines +F2
Dimensions - D6
Energy Density >E4.4 kWh/kg
Moisture Content <M10
Additives <2w-%
Mechanical durability >DU92.5
Ash content -A7.4
Sulphur <S0.15

Bulk Density >600kg/m3
Chlorine <CL 0.12
Nitrogen <N1
Net Calorfic Value >16MJ/kg

Our 6mm straw fuel pellets offer a high density, convenient biomass fuel that competes very favorably on price with woodchip. Our straw product has a net calorific value 5% lower than wood pellets, but requires approximately 5% less energy in production.

These pellets are ideally suited to large and medium energy users offering a very cost effective energy solution, working out cheaper than mains gas or woodchip based on current prices - to arrange for a consulation and quote of prices and delivery please contact us.

Click on the links below for more information on straw fuel pellets (industrial grade)

Safety Data Sheet PDF 23KB

Wheat Straw Pellet Analysis PDF 386KB

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