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Sustainability and Quality

All our products are derived from local agricultural by-products. We take control of our virgin feedstocks from harvesting, processing at our own plant, to packing ensuring their carbon footprint is kept to a minimium.

All our products have annual carbon cycle's ensuring they are much more sustainable than wood products which can have up to 30 year carbon cycles.

"A clean, compact product that is easy to use, store and handle .."

Pelleted and briquetted products increase density, create stable, uniform, flow-able products which allow easy boiler modulating and are much cheaper to transport and store than loose products such as wood chip. Our products have a high calorific value and can be burned in appropriate pellet boilers, stoves and chimeneas(for outdoor heating) using pellet baskets.

We also offer a range of pellets which can be used for bedding animals. Please see our subsidary Pelletbeds

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